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What is a Raw Food Diet?

The first time I heard there was such a thing as a "raw food diet" I thought what most people must think - that it consists of carrots and celery.

That couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, raw food encompasses all vibrant greens and vegetables as well as nuts, cocoa, grains, sprouts and dried fruits. That may sound limiting to you but there are virtually hundreds of recipes from simple smoothies to complex and gourmet entrees, pizzas, pastas, sauces, and tons of tasty salads.

"Raw Food" is pure food and it's alive (as opposed to other food products that are not alive). These foods are enzyme-rich and filled with vitamins and minerals. Raw foods provide authentic energy (without the need of caffeine). And, of course, if you go organic there are no pesticides, hormones, or other ingredients making raw food truly natural.

You can read the page "My Story" for the full details on how I got involved in raw food! For now, I want to give you an overview. Chances are that you might know about raw foods enough to seek out this website. Let me start at the beginning anyway!

"Raw foods" are becoming increasingly popular globally for various reasons.

The demand for raw foods increases the demand on organic farming, local farms and farmer markets as well as healthy food stores and chains. What that means for us is that demand equals growth and the right things are growing!

Eating a plant-based diet reduces the need for factory animal farming which is always good!

People are realizing by experimenting with the raw food lifestyle that the benefits far exceed anything they might have imagined. This makes people (like me) want to tell the world how incredible they feel!!

A plant-based raw food diet has all the makings of a super anti-oxidant combo that we are all learning is very important.

The "Raw Community" of like-minded people creates a group united by good health.

With the movement toward healthy foods for children in and out of school what could be a better alternative?

The health benefits on paper are awesome - I'll list nutrient and vitamin information in another area of this blog.

** Here is the best reason of all. Switching over to a raw food diet is way more than just a diet. I'll go into more detail in my own raw food journey but to give you a glimpse here: weight loss, clear skin, lower cholesterol, vibrant glow, and more.

And, even beyond that is the road to personal growth. I know you may not see the connection right off the bat but I am here to tell you that there is a journey involved and you are both lucky and called by this just by being here reading this.

If you'd like to find out more about the tools that will help you find your way to make peace with your body, your spirit and the life you live, please visit other areas of my website, eBooks, eZines, Products and Coaching.

~ Sonia

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